JAGUAR forage harvester with intelligent diesel fuel-saving concept

CLAAS has optimised the engine concept of its JAGUAR 980 and 970 forage harvesters and thereby further reduced the level of diesel consumption. This is made possible due to the new DYNAMIC POWER engine output control system. It automatically adapts the engine's output to current operating conditions, thereby ensuring the engine only has to supply the power that is actually required. This saves both energy and fuel.

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Silver medal for CLAAS NIR sensor system

The CLAAS NIR sensor system [NIR = near-infrared spectroscopy] enables not only the dry matter of the harvested material to be determined directly on the forage harvester, but also, and for the first time, the starch/sugar, crude protein, crude fibre, crude fat and crude ash content of grass and maize. The data acquired can then be used for the purposes of display visualisation, storage and process control. This new technology delivers an important improvement in forage management and all billing processes in the biogas industry as well as in the dairy and cattle feeding sectors.



JAGUAR no. 30,000

In November 2011, CLAAS celebrated a notable landmark shortly before "Agritechnica": The 30,000th JAGUAR forage harvester rolled off the assembly line at the Harsewinkel plant. On the occasion of this landmark, CLAAS is presenting a special model of the JAGUAR 980, fully equipped and in special black paintwork, at "Agritechnica". At CLAAS in Bad Saulgau, the ORBIS 900 front attachment and other JAGUAR components were also manufactured, with a suitable design for the occasion.