CLAAS Agrosystems


Silver medal TONI - the telemetry system for improved remote diagnosis

The innovative technology TONI – TELEMATICS ON IMPLEMENT bundles and speeds up direct data transfer from the tractor and implements to the office via an ISOBUS, independent of the order. The telemetry system, developed by CLAAS Agrosystems in cooperation with leading implement manufacturers (Amazone, Horsch, KaWeCo, Lemken, SGT and Zunhammer), provides an overview of the entire working unit (tractor and implements) and enables farmers to complete their documentation, evaluations and analyses as well as optimise settings, independent of brand. Bundled data transfer in real time from the tractor and implements improves remote diagnosis and provides a clear overview.



Precision farming with liquid manure

The innovative combination of CROP Sensor, AGROCOM NET application map and the NIR Sensor VAN-Control makes it possible for the first time ever to use organic mixed fertilisers in the form of liquid manure and biogas substrate for site-specific fertilisation. The software automatically analyses, meters and maps the amounts used and intelligently integrates the organic fertiliser into precision farming.



Fleet management FIELDNAV

FIELDNAV combines reliable fleet navigation with management functionalities in the process chains of agricultural production, including planning, scheduling, order management at the machine terminal, navigation, documentation and invoicing. It also has a 1-click "Follow me" function meaning that the vehicles are steered on the basis of the position of the lead vehicle, without losing valuable time for orders.