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Harvest must be so easy.


CLAAS has revolutionised the adjustment of machine settings on the LEXION. The new CEMOS AUTOMATIC system uses numerous sensors to monitor a very wide range of machine parameters second by second, immediately adjusting the settings to changing conditions. It does this more quickly and accurately than an operator would ever be able to. The rotor speed, rotor flap position, fan speed and the opening of the upper and lower sieve are controlled autonomously by CEMOS AUTOMATIC in line with the targets you specify, so you can get the most out of your LEXION – completely automatically.

Cool intelligence.


The LEXION 780/770/760 models are equipped with a cooling system of a completely new design. It is optimally situated in a horizontal position behind the engine compartment. Air is drawn in at the top, passes downwards through the radiator and is then vented through the engine compartment and side cooling fins. This creates a particularly useful curtain effect. The air flow actively inhibits dust from rising, thus preventing soiling of the radiator and effectively functioning as a permanent cleaning system.

Two advantages:

You can count on sufficient cooling at all times while also benefiting from long maintenance intervals.

Technical data and specifications differ for Stage IIIa (Tier 3) models

Outstanding manoeuvrability.

4-link axle with tyres up to 1.65 m.

This new design, developed and patented by CLAAS, sets new standards with two outstanding advantages. It ensures unrestricted mobility, even with large tyres up to 1.65 metres high (30" rims). And it provides exceptionally high stability and load-bearing capability. Rather than responding to uneven terrain like a conventional swing axle with just a swing motion about the suspension point, the new 4-link axle also features a lateral movement. This gives the 4-link axle considerably greater flexibility with a small turning radius.

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LEXION – a commitment.

Jens Broer, product specialist for combines at CLAAS, presents the new LEXION.

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