The new AXION 800.

Premiere at SIMA 2013.


The CLAAS tractor factory in Le Mans always has a special surprise in store for the SIMA, France's big agri-business show. At SIMA 2013 it's the new AXION 800 series, which will enter series production from 2014.


Apart from its seed-green colour and well-known name, very little about this AXION 800 remains the same. Its external appearance shows that it is closely related to the new AXION 900 and ARION 600/500 series. Like its big and little "brothers", this AXION 800 has been completely redesigned and, with engine outputs of 200 to 270 hp, fits perfectly into the family of new CLAAS tractors. It is the first series to be produced at the Le Mans factory and even has a Stage IV (Tier 4f) engine which is capable of meeting any future emission control requirements.


But in the new AXION 800 CLAAS remains true to the successful basic principles which enabled the first 800 series to set new standards in 2007 – the compact design with a long wheelbase and the choice of CIS or CEBIS as equipment and control concepts. The HEXASHIFT transmission will be available initially; the continuously variable CMATIC transmission will follow. When they were introduced, these concepts won great acclaim from users and in the specialist press. Now – five years later – other manufacturers have also adapted them for their own new models.