Jean Fréon Élagage, France

About the business




Around 100 people in total, including five on the farm


100 dairy cows

Area under cultivation

550 hectares arable

300 hectares pasture

Crop rotation

Wheat, rape, oats, wheat, maize

Soil type


30% loam-lime soil with silex (flint)

Annual precipitation

800 to 900 mm


200 machines in total, of which 97 are CLAAS tractors

About France


Approx. 64 million


Approx. 55.4 million hectares

Area under cultivation

Approx. 27.3 million hectares

Number of farms

Approx. 520,000

Average farm size

Approx. 52 hectares

"I love being on the road and getting new contracts."


Whilst Jean loves nature and woodland, and agriculture is close to his heart, he spends most of his time on the road all over France. He drives around 150,000 kilometres a year to visit customers and secure new contracts. The services offered by his company, Jean Fréon Élagage, include tree felling and clearance work, soil cultivation, mowing and tree-care work on roadsides and motorway verges, in forests and parks, on military land and sites owned by the French railway company (SNCF). He also carries out work for other farms on a contract basis, including drilling (approx. 1,000 ha per year) and baling (approx. 12,000 square bales per year). As owner of the company he is responsible for commercial affairs and business acquisition, and his enthusiasm is obvious as he explains: "All of this is within our abilities and competences. I love being on the road and getting new contracts."

"I still use the same machinery supplier as I always have, the CLAAS authorised dealer in Mortagne."


"Of course we have other products which aren't from CLAAS because forestry is something special, something completely different; but everything related to agriculture is from CLAAS," says Jean Fréon. The fact that his business has developed this way is due to his personal commitment and an element of chance. "When I bought my first tractor 50 years ago, it was still a Renault dealer. Times were hard but the supplier trusted me. Then the business became more and more successful and we gradually increased in size. I still use the same machinery supplier as I always have, the CLAAS authorised dealer in Mortagne." There is no question of changing. "We will stay with CLAAS, because we receive very good support and outstanding customer service. There's simply a relationship of trust between the dealer and us," explains Jean Fréon.


Both men love what they do, and for them, harvest is central to their work. It is the fruit of everything they do all year round. Summing up, Jean Fréon explains: "Nature calls the tune in our line of work. So we have to be adaptable. We don't have a schedule, just complete trust."

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