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tractors from CLAAS.

Excellent work

A passion for farming

Excellent work requires motivation and the right tools. CLAAS supports farmers and contractors all round the world, ensuring that that their efforts bear fruit in the truest sense of the word.

Thousands of farmers and contractors across the globe work tirelessly with great dedication, a fact which is often taken for granted. They cope with many challenges, which differ enormously from country to country. Whether they are like Aron-Thala-in in Thailand, growing rice on around six hectares, Mark Mason in Australia who farms livestock on 30,000 hectares or Tormod Eitrheim who gets up at 3 a.m. to clear the roads in his Norwegian home town of Hemsedal, they all have one thing in common: they do this work because they love it and can't imagine anything else. Nobody knows better than you that farming doesn't always enjoy the status it deserves. But when you sow seed and it grows, and you can literally harvest the fruits of your labours and take them home with you, there's no doubt that your work has the greatest meaning imaginable: ensuring that people have food on the table and know that their plates will be full again tomorrow.

More than ever, farmers nowadays are entrepreneurs who increasingly have to deal with administration, financial matters, personnel issues and marketing. They also have to keep up with the rapid changes which society is facing these days. Digitisation, for example, doesn't stop at agriculture. To meet all these challenges, agricultural entrepreneurs need strong partners, and good technology has an important role to play. Machines and digital solutions which help farmers to do excellent work. The ability to develop, supply and optimise these machines in dialogue with farmers also fills us with pride and satisfaction. Because it makes us part of what is, in our view, the most important economic sector in the world.

We too want to do excellent work, and to be judged by those who know best: the rice grower in Thailand, the livestock farmer in Australia, the olive grower in Spain and the contractor in Norway, who represent farmers and contractors the world over.

Excellent work means more than just doing your job day in, day out. To be excellent, it must truly become your life's work.

Excellent work –

tractors from CLAAS.


Valuing the world around us. Working with and in nature.

Peter Unterweger (37) is a farmer through and through. The farm he now manages has always been his home. He grew up here, and although as a young man he occasionally  considered doing something other than working on the farm from Monday to Sunday, he's now completely convinced: "I love being in nature, it's the best place to work."


Excellent work –

tractors from CLAAS.


Rice growing in Thailand: how a tractor can change your life.

Aroon Thala-in is 58 and a rice grower from a deep, inner conviction. He owns three fields in the small village of Non Lam in the Khon Kaen province of north-east Thailand – 37 rai (5.92 ha) in total, which he farms with his 25-year-old son. By Thai standards, this is quite big. The average farm size in the region where Aroon lives is about one hectare.


Excellent work –

tractors from CLAAS.


30,000 hectares, 100,000 cattle – one of the top ten farms in Australia.

Ceres Agriculture is one of the top ten cattle finishing operations in Australia. This Australian business sells up to 2,000 head of cattle per week, always has 30,000 cattle on its farms, and has an annual production of around 100,000 carcases. “As far as I know,” says Mark Mason, co-founder and Managing Director of Ceres Agriculture, “We’ve been the first ones that I’m aware of that have scaled supplementary feeding of cattle in the paddock to the extent that we have.” This makes it one of the largest cattle finishing operations in the country, and probably the biggest pasture-based finishing operation in Australia.


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