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From newcomer to soya pro.

Árpád Bártfai and his father-in-law László Gallo farm around 1200 hectares on the Danube Island in Mohács, Hungary, growing mainly soya. When the collective farms were privatised in the 1990s, László Gallo and his colleagues took the opportunity to privatise their own businesses which now employ 20 people. As well as soya, the proprietor and his son-in-law also grow wheat, rape and sunflowers. Another pillar of the family's business is sheep breeding, which makes an important contribution to their income with 300 to 500 lambs per year sold to Italy and Turkey.


Excellent work.

Tractors from CLAAS.


62,000 hectares and 1,500 dairy cows on the steppes of Kazakhstan – where profitability has top priority.

About 70 kilometres north-west of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, and about 400 kilometres from the Russian border lies the T.O.O. Rodina farm, an arable, seed producing and dairy farm with 62,000 hectares under cultivation. Here the smallest field is 400 hectares and the average field size is 1,000 hectares. It also has 1,500 dairy cows plus followers and has its own dairy, making a range of dairy products marketed by the company. The livestock enterprise currently accounts for 40% of the total profit. The aim is to increase this share to 60% in the future.


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Tractors from CLAAS.


Olives, grapes and almonds. Every hectare a challenge.

Olive groves and vines as far as the eye can see, red soil, gentle hills. The sun is shining. Picture-book Spain. Juan Ángel Martín Gómez, owner and agricultural engineer, says this is his favourite place. He runs 'Viñedos des Vistalegre', the farm established by his father in Granátula de Calatrava in the Castilla-La Mancha region, approximately 200 km south of Madrid. When his father took over the 600 hectare farm in 1970 its focus was on cereals and livestock, but over the last 20 years the family has gradually converted to growing olives, wine and almonds.


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