Van Dun, Rutten, The Netherlands

About the business

Started in






Area under cultivation

Contractor only

Crop rotation


Soil type

Mixture of sand and clay

Annual precipitation

800 mm


31 self-propelled machines, including 20 harvesters. 25 tractors, including

3 ARES 679

1 ARION 420

1 ARION 430

3 ARION 530

2 ARION 550

4 ARION 640

1 ARION 650

2 AXION 840

Plus about 100 implements.

About the Netherlands


16.9 million


4.15 million hectares

Area under cultivation

1.8 million hectares

Number of farms

Approx. 72,300

Average farm size

Approx. 26 ha

"Our customers are part of our life's work."


"The farms here are very different and as a result the work we do for our customers varies enormously," says Kees van Dun. "Loonbedrijf Van Dun BV" is a family-run contracting business which operates from its main headquarters in Rutten with two more sites in Espel and Blokzijl.  The customer base has approximately 500 customers, of many types and size of operation.


Kees van Dun is one of those businessmen who keeps his eyes open and knows how to sniff out an opportunity. His parents had a small farm which was taken over by his brother. On leaving agricultural college in 1979, aged just 19, he set up as a small-scale entrepreneur and started by flushing drainage systems. Opportunities to take over other businesses gradually arose, and Kees took advantage of the changes in agriculture to grow his own business. "Our customers are part of our life's work. We see how our customers grow and develop, and I find it inspirational to work with them."

"The youngest person is just as important as the oldest."


For this businessman, it is essential to "create a good working environment." Modern equipment is part of this but, first and foremost, you have to treat everybody equally. Says Kees van Dun: "The youngest employee is just as important as the oldest." He trusts his employees. The main things he expects in return are "the ability to empathise with our customers and to think on your feet." Engagement, openness and good communication with customers are very close to his heart.


Two staff are employed solely to manage the machine operators, mainly by mobile phone so in addition to outstanding technical expertise, one of the company's core competences is logistics. "Machines and operators must be in the right place – with the customer – at the right time," stresses Kees van Dun. The best days are "when there's a lot to do and the planning has worked well at the end of the day." In his view, excellent work is when his customers think he's done excellent work.

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