Crop type:
Bale diameter: cm
Please state the bale diameter in cm
Number of windings:
Recommended minimum number of windings: 2,5
Please state the number of windings The number of windings entered is less than the recommended number
Net length per roll:
Please note the product range for the specific country concerned.
Please state the net length per roll in m
Number of bales: Please state the number of bales
Consumption per bale:
Number of bales per roll:
Number of rolls:


Price per roll: Please state the price per roll
Total costs:
Cost per bale:

Please note that the results provided by the bale calculator can only serve as guidance based on the figures entered; it is possible that different results will be obtained when you are actually using your machine. CLAAS does not guarantee the accuracy of the results given here, nor do any legal rights derive from these. The information and settings which can be found in the operating instructions for your machine are definitive.

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